Talakar is the is the Holiest city in the Northern Continent, second in veneration only to lost Zosha across the Zuider sea. Traditionally neutral and open to all, when the whole of the Algi sea region came under the sway of the Dragon Brotherhoods, Talakar alone escaped conquest. To have made war on the holy city would have caused massive unrest and united the disparate tribes still squabbling in the face of the Bunangi Empire’s war-machine.

Now, more than 8 years after the end of the War of Heroes, in the wake of spreading chaos from the south, the Bunangi have suddenly withdrawn from the mainland. In the resulting power vacuum many petty warlords, some just and others tyrants, vie to set up their own kingdoms. Each faction courts the favor of Talakar, the sole remaining stable power in a sea of chaos. Can the city remain neutral, or will it be drawn into the wars that rage around it?

The Chelaban Sisters
One organization unique to this region is an order of Warrior Women who sell their services throughout the kingdoms. Like their spiritual ancestor Chelab, each takes twin oathes to never submit to a man nor to rule over one. These oathes have led them to create a separate, largely self-sufficient sub-society amongst themselves, and they are the subject of much whispering and wondering from the general public.


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