House Rules

House Rules

1 – Base Attack Bonus changes.
Having a high BAB is not as much of an advantage as you might think. The intention of the following changes are designed to make high BAB a more powerful thing.

Characters can make a full attack as a standard action, but the hasty action means that accuracy must be sacrificed. The first attack takes a -5, the second a -10, and so forth. Extra attacks (such as those from a haste spell) are treated as a second attack, taking the -10 penalty, as are Attacks of Opportunity for the next round. Useful when facing many easy to hit enemies, but will likely tank any attacks vs a high AC foe.

This cannot be combined with a charge, which is a full round action in itself.

2 – Skill Changes
Some skill DCs are too easy and don’t accurately reflect that they should be harder when faced with skilled opponents.

A. Concentration
The highest BAB of a threatening character is added to the DC of all Concentration checks to cast defensively.

B. Tumble
During a tumble check to avoid attacks of opportunity the BAB of the threatening character is added to the DC. Remember that this check must be made for each character tumbled past, so the player must declare which character they are rolling against before each roll.

C. Skill Challenges
These will likely be included in a similar fashion to 4E. In a given situation party members take turns argueing for why a particular skill would be useful, the DM sets a DC based on that, and the party must accrue a certain number of successes before a certain number of failures.

3 – Feat Changes
We will use the Pathfinder Version of the following feats:
Dodge (No more declaring who is the target, flat 1 dodge bonus to AC)
Power Attack (Penalty and bonus to damage based on BAB)
Skill Focus (
3 to skill if 1-9 ranks, 6 if 10 ranks)

4 – Spell Changes
Polymorph spells and effects are handled as in pathfinder, with specific spells for specific types of forms (Beast Form 1-4 for example).

Teleport spells and effects are blocked by the presence of Alavat, a fairly common type of stone blessed by Barthe.

Certain gemstones protect against Divination magic, giving SR for their bearer vs divination spells only. The DC of the SR is determined by the type and purity of the gemstone.

House Rules

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